Surprise ︎

Writing, vocals, production by dkyk

See the warning signs: pay attention to their eyes, and hands, and feet, mouth, and plans when they stamp what was yours with “mine”,
they may force you to socialize when you wanna stay inside.
and blow up like a landmine when you protest or even try.

or they hold back love and attention, ignore your heartfelt cries, they monopolize and won’t give you your own time, or tries to take your cash, cards, and keys so you can’t go outside. they want to control and confine and there’s even more signs (that i can try to provide)

they cause a rift between you and your family , or blame their mistakes on others at all times, they change history and gaslight you, twist your words into a weapon against you again and again, don’t let you even contact or be with your friends. humiliate you in public or behind closed doors, treat you like a sex object for their own needs and ignore yours, do they seem energized by strife? ...say things to make you feel good but do things to bring suffering to your life?

Do They hit you? Push you? Force you to have sex?
They hold you down down but don’t hold you down?
Do they try to block you from leaving the house, apartment, room? Do they have violently unpredictable moods?

sé que tenía anteojos de color rosa...
así que cuando se ondearon las banderas rojas no pude ver.

sé que tenía anteojos de color rosa...así que cuando se ondearon las banderas rojas no pude ver.

Sé que tenía gafas de sol de color rosa así que cuando se ondearon las banderas rojas no pude ver.

¡Sepárate! recupera tu poder!
El futuro te llamó... ¿Vas a responder?
don’t announce that you’re leaving
don’t give them the chance to ask for one more dance,
get fake nice and then get even more damage done. get the f*ck up outta dodge,
bandage one then the other get free and take cover.
you can break the pattern that goes: abuse, guilt, excuses, normal behavior, fantasy, then the set-up for even more abuse, it’s in your power. many people stay in bad situations cuz they’re too embarrassed to tell their friends and family that things are really fucked up.
You don’t have to do this alone. It can be hard to believe family and friends love you when you’ve been repeatedly beaten down.

all music written and produced by dkyk, mastering and engineering by Tony Moondoctor, executive production by Devin KKenny 2017-2018

dkyk -“Los giros de siguiente/Verges” (Link)